Worship Trifecta with Dave Pedde

This is a three week series given at Westside Community Church (North York and Mississauga campuses). Click below to download and view the PDFs.

Worship Trifecta Cover

WEEK ONE: The Worshipper (Noun) – It Actually Is About You.


WEEK TWO: The Worship (Verb) – Why We Do What We Do.


WEEK THREE: The Worship Life (Adjective) – The Other 167


Come Now, Your Kingdom

Come now, Your kingdom

Be done, Your will

And by Your mercies, please come and fill me

‘Til the kingdoms of my heart bow to the kingdom of the Christ

Your kingdom come, Your will be done

When I don’t see clearly, help me to know Your face

When Your still voice bids me, I will come

When my feet grow weary, help me to run this race I run

@1996 MAKERmusicMakers Words and Music by David J. Pedde

Ash Wednesday Prayer of Repentance by a Sanctus Student

My spirit feels cold within me, saddened by my worship…the very worship of idols, man-made things that speak nothing of the God I know.

I’ve fallen, jumped into the bog.
Walked willingly into quicksand.

Spare my life Father, that somehow You can restore me as Your son, and help me to change my ways.

Burn away my selfish ways, my demonic desires.
Mould me by the truth.
Overwhelm me with the fear of the Lord, and draw me to my knees again.

Open my eyes and pull off the blinders Lord.
Please expose my sin and reveal how to overcome it.

Through grace I will rise again,
Through love I will learn to live again.
Through truth I will not let lies tarry in Your temple.

I will learn to trust in my God.

I place my hope in God, for without Him I am nothing.

I cannot function with You.
My life is dependant on You.
Without You all joy is stripped away.
Remove Yourself and my life would wither like a dead flower.

Nourish me Lord, please. Renew my mind.
Transform me into an obedient servant.
I lay my life before You.
Humbled in Your sight, I repent.

You are a good Father, a great Father.
Thank you for Your discipline, Thank You.

I recognize I can’t do anything to make myself worthy.
The cross paid for me, please help me to remember that.

70 Weeks

70 weeks (Template for prayer, template for training)

Have you ever prayed for something for years and years without seeing concrete results? Is prayer simply wishful thinking? Do you view God as able to accomplish what He says He will do? How long do you have to wait?

I’ve prayed and prayed and questioned and questioned, still I pray. I pray because I believe. I believe when I can’t see it. I hope when I don’t feel it. I believe God. I hope in God.

It is my belief that effective prayer is joining in the perpetual conversation between Father, Son and Holy Spirit in divine communication. I want to pray effectively so I listen for what He is talking about. I look in His Word for His thoughts, His initiatives, His directives, in short, His will. I want to pray what He is praying.

It has been over fourteen years since I felt another one of those promptings in prayer. I was praying for a family member when I sensed the Holy Spirit “stamping” His word over him. The specific passage was found in Daniel 9:24.

  Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.

As I have prayed this passage I have gained fuller understanding as to the specific directives and promises that God set out for His people as He was calling them out of exile back to Himself.

In developing a two-year discipleship program for Sanctus School For Worshippers several years ago, I could not help but see beautiful parallels in this passage to what God would systematically accomplish in the lives of our students over the 35-week school year (times two equals 70 weeks!). I set out to align our curriculum into three 11 to 12 week stages each year and have been privileged to watch God do what He said He would do in the lives of those who set aside “Sanctus time” in cooperation with His plans for each of them.

Check back to learn more about each stage and how you can be specifically praying for our students and our school.

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Finishing the Transgression (ending rebellion – heart)

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