Ash Wednesday Prayer of Repentance by a Sanctus Student

My spirit feels cold within me, saddened by my worship…the very worship of idols, man-made things that speak nothing of the God I know.

I’ve fallen, jumped into the bog.
Walked willingly into quicksand.

Spare my life Father, that somehow You can restore me as Your son, and help me to change my ways.

Burn away my selfish ways, my demonic desires.
Mould me by the truth.
Overwhelm me with the fear of the Lord, and draw me to my knees again.

Open my eyes and pull off the blinders Lord.
Please expose my sin and reveal how to overcome it.

Through grace I will rise again,
Through love I will learn to live again.
Through truth I will not let lies tarry in Your temple.

I will learn to trust in my God.

I place my hope in God, for without Him I am nothing.

I cannot function with You.
My life is dependant on You.
Without You all joy is stripped away.
Remove Yourself and my life would wither like a dead flower.

Nourish me Lord, please. Renew my mind.
Transform me into an obedient servant.
I lay my life before You.
Humbled in Your sight, I repent.

You are a good Father, a great Father.
Thank you for Your discipline, Thank You.

I recognize I can’t do anything to make myself worthy.
The cross paid for me, please help me to remember that.

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